Updated play mat.


Turn Order Card w/Active Area (bottom right)

The "Active Pool" is an area that stores Quarry (Creatures), Quiddity, and Spells until needed or spent. The Active Pool are the dice you have after your second phase.

These are the Phases of game play.

During the first phase of your turn, you take any creatures (dice) from your Ready Area and place them in your discard pile to score them Glory. Then Cull 1 die for each die scored.

Second phase, Draw 6 dice from your bag, Roll them to your "Active Pool". Select any creatures and spells you may have rolled and pay their cost in Quiddity equal to there level. Then move them to your Ready Area. Spell dice have no costs, thus they can be moved to the Active Pool straightaway!

Third phase, Attack all opponents.

Forth phase, Capture one (or two)* Quarry di(c)e from the Wilds(optional). Using unspent Quiddity from your "Active Pool".

The fifth and final phase of a turn is to clean up their Spent Pile to the Used Pile.

If on your Draw and roll phase (2) there are not enough dice to draw, take them out. Then take all of the dice in the Used Pile and place them into your bag, then take out the dice you need to complete the roll count.

As you can see from the picture of the Turn Order Card, the Active Pool is on the bottom right side of the playing area. Playing mats would solve this problem that, not Wizkids, but certain awesome members of BGG have made. I would recommend checking them out. Newer version of Quarriors and expansions have a nice Play mat/rules summery sheet as well. The original Quarriors did not have this.

(*) In Quarmageddon there is an advanced rule, you may pay for 1 additional Capture. That is if you have enough Quiddity to pay.