Of all the cards that exist in the game Quarriors, every game consists of the 3 Basic cards of the game: Assistant, Quiddity, and Portal. You can also play with Rise of the Demons 4th Basic Card: Corrupted Quiddity. These cards will be obvious, as the color of the card is Brown instead of black or white, and on the back has the Giant "Q"
Basic Dice

Quarriors' Basic Dice: Assistant (brown), Portal (yellow), and Quiddity (white)

and the word "Basic" underneath it.

When setting up The Wilds, these cards begin as the foundation for the setup, as the top row. During set-up, you place 2 of the brown Assistant dice on the Assistant card, and the 5 yellow Portal Dice onto the Portal card.During gameplay, each player starts with 8 white Basic Quiddity dice, and 4 brown Assistant dice, while the 5 Portal dice must be bought with Quiddity from The Wilds. 2 of the brown Assistant dice can be bought from The Wilds as well.

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