Primordial Ooze Original Art by J. Lonnee

Dice RollsEdit

As you can see from Primordial Ooze's Dice Rolls, it gives you one chance for +1 Quiddity, two chances for +2 Quiddity, and three chances for a Level 2 Summon.


Primordial Ooze's Dice Rolls


Primordial Ooze
Cost 8
Glory 2
Description ? = The number of Basic Quiddity Dice in your Used Pile and Active Pool (combined). If you have no Basic Quiddity Dice in play, Primordial Ooze is destroyed.

Strong Primordial Ooze
Cost 7
Glory 2
Description Primordial Ooze exactly copies one Creature in any of your opponents' Ready Areas (your choice). If no other Creatures are in play, Primordial Ooze has attack 0 and defense 5. You may change the Creature being copied once during each player's turn.

Mighty Primordial Ooze
Cost 5
Glory 3
Description ? = The number of Creatures in all Ready Areas.

Corrupted Primordial Ooze
Cost 6
Glory 2

? = The number of Corrupted Quiddity dice in the Wilds (maximum 5).

Primordial Ooze scores +1 Glory for each Corruputed Quiddity die in your Used Pile. When Primordial Ooze scores, you gain 1 Corrupted Quiddity die from the Wilds (after you have culled).