Basic Quiddity Die side

Quiddity is the life blood and "money system" in the game Quarriors. Game actions such as capturing Quarry dice from the Wilds and summoning creatures to the Ready Area require a payment of Quiddity.

Recognizing QuiddityEdit

Every die in Quarriors includes at least one face that can be spent to gain one or more Quiddity. Quiddity is represented by a number in a tear drop shape. To gain the amount of Quiddity indicated on a die, a player must spend that die by moving it to his or her Spent Pile.

In addition to gaining Quiddity by spending dice that display the Quiddity symbol, players can gain Quiddity through other special abilities on cards.

The Basic Quiddity die has one side that grants +2 Quiddity when spent, and five sides that grant +1 Quiddity when spent (see the image to the right).