Quarriors! Rise of the Demons BoxArt by J. Lonnee

Quarriors! Rise of the Demons is the first expansion for the amazing game of Quarriors!

From the publisher: When we last left off, our four friendly Quarriors were happily gaining Glory in the eyes of the Empress Quiana, exploring the Wilds, and capturing Quarry. What an enviable life!

But what are these dark shadows creeping into the Wilds? Why can I not go hunting for Quarry without having to spend hours cleaning this otherworldly ichor off my finest Quarrying boots?

All of these questions will be (somewhat) answered in...wait for it...Rise of the Demons!

This new expansion features 20 new custom dice and 19 new cards, combines innovative corruption mechanisms with the introduction of the Demonic Overlord, Basic Corruption Quiddity and Corruption Spells! Attempt to flood your opponent's bags with corrupted dice to slow them down or gather your forces to purchase Demonic Overlords from the Wilds to pave your way to Glory!

The expansions components can be found on the Components page.

Basic Dice:

-Corrupted Quiddity

Creatures unique to this expansion:

-Demonic Overlord



The expansion also contains corrupted version of each of the base game Creatures (no new dice included).