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Shaping Spell card

Dice Rolls[]

&nbsp As you can see from Shaping's Dice Rolls, it gives you two chances for +2 Quiddity, one chance for Portal, and three chances to activate Shapings ability.

Shaping Dice Rolls


Shaping Spell
Cost 3
Description Cast this Spell to destroy one Spell in any player's Ready Area.

Shaping Cantrip
Cost 4
Description Reaction: Cast this Spell to return one of your just destroyed Creatures to your Ready Area (at its same level) instead of putting it in the Used Pile.

Shaping Charm
Cost 3
Description Cast this Spell to rotate all Creatures in your Ready Area up 1 Level, if possible.

Shaping Incantation
Cost 4
Description Attach: When this Creature scores, you may cull one die from your Used Pile to capture one Quarry die that costs up to 3 Quiddity more than the die you culled.