The Dice are considered the most essential component in this game. Without the wouldn't have Quarrior's. There are 130 dice in the Base Game, 20 Dice in Rise of the Demons, and 40 dice in Quarmageddon.

Any GameEdit

Similiar to Dominion or any other Deck-building game,
Basic Dice

Quarriors' Basic Dice: Assistant (brown), Portal (yellow), and Quiddity (white)

the dice act just like the cards. First, each player gets a dice bag filled with 8 basic (white) dice and 4 assistant (brown) dice. Then, you set up The Wilds (the supply of dice available in this game). Every game uses the Basic Quiddity, Assistant and Portal dice w/ an option of using Corrupted Quiddity. Then, using the deck of cards, you choose 7 creature dice and 3 spell dice to use.

Base GameEdit

Creature Dice

The 10 existing Creature dice

There are a few main types of dice in Quarriors. The basic die (white in color) really only provides Quiddity – which is the currency of the game. This white die provides you either one or two Quiddity depending on which face comes up. There are also dice which are spells, and there are 3 different spell dice available in the supply of

5 Spell Dice

each game. These spells provide Quiddity of some of their faces, but provide spells on others. If you roll a spell side up, you can set the spell aside in your Ready area, and then you can trigger the effect of that spell (and discard the die) at whatever point you need it. The last main class of dice are the Creatures. There are 7 different creature types available in each game. Creature dice also have a face or two that provides Quiddity while the others represent creatures of varying strengths.

Rise of the DemonsEdit


The Rise of the Demons Dice

This game includes 20 dice: 5 for the Demonic Overlord class of creature, 5 for the Corruption class Spell, and 10 Corrupted Quiddity dice. If playing with any Rise of the Demons components, the Corrupted Quiddity Basic Card gets added to the Wilds, and all 10 dice are placed by or on the card. For those familiar with the deck-building game Dominion, these act in the same aspect as Curse cards.


This expansion includes 40 additional dice to add to you game of Quarriors! 30 Creature dice, and 10 Spell dice. These dice are added to The Wilds just as in the basic game, and act the same as normal creatures and spells when interacting with other expansions and promos.